We are asking for your help to fund this valuable program.  We need your financial support.  Your donation will help us provide the basics of a healthy meal in our Saturday breakfast program and help us maintain our bicycles.   There are other ways to help.  You can also donate non-perishable food stuffs such as sports drinks, bottled water, canned foods, cereal, juice, snacks etc.  We are also accepting new or used bicycles, new helmets and safety gear.  See below to donate supplies.

Mail your checks payable to b.i.k.e.-Syracuse. to:

PO Box 15192                                   or
Syracuse, NY 13215-0192

Phone:  (315)428-bike (2453)


Make a donation by credit or debit card


Do you like working with kids?  Would you like to help children learn to be self confident and successful?  We need volunteers.   Just a couple of hours a week is all it takes to make a difference.  If you would like to volunteer to work with the kids or work behind the scenes organizing and planning events, helping to get things done, there is a place for you.


 Please contact b.i.k.e.-Syracuse. at    (315) 428-BIKE(2453)

b.i.k.e.-Syracuse is a registered Charity with the New York State Attorney General.  
Registration number:  21-46-20. 

b.i.k.e  Syracuse. is a 501-(c)3 non-profit organization;  donations are tax-deductible

We greatly appreciate donations of these items:


cereal, pancake mix, syrup, instant oatmeal,
Juice and drinks - canned, bottled & mixes,
milk boxes (no refrigeration needed),
Poptarts, powerbars, cookies, snacks,
canned soup, pasta & jars of sauce,
Bottled water and sports drinks.

Fresh food that can be picked up Friday afternoon:
milk,  bread,  eggs,  butter,  fruit,  cheese,  bacon,  sausage

soy milk,  nondairy margarine


paper goods-
  napkins and paper towels
plastic or styrofoam plates, cups and bowels
plastic knives, forks and spoons
Large Trash bags
dishsoap, scouring pads, sponges
Cookware and Utensils

  We are also accepting donations of
 New and used bicycles, helmets, tools and tire repair kits


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